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"To have your car looking better than when you bought it is our aim!"

"Most of you reading this will not even know the right questions to ask in order to get what you want. Most detailers will not have the integrity or skill to help you ask the right questions in order to deliver what you want." - Daren Priest Master Detailer 

Welcome to Spotless Car Care Detailing, the one stop shop for all of your vehicle needs.  But most people reading that quote above for the first time will not fully appreciate it. But once it is explained and context is added, it becomes one of those moments that causes you to wonder how it has been so easily overlooked before!

Without going into an exhausting list of possible questions, let me simplify it with a few statements that will not only save you time, but I feel separates me from the endless choices you have when it comes to choosing a top rated auto detailing service provider.

Most of you don't fully understand the true art of detailing.

I get it! Really I do. Before I got in to detailing I did not have a "developed" eye for the endless "details" that go into the process of detailing itself. I can't tell you how many times I have finished with a detail and hear the common words out of a person's mouth: "Wow! I had no idea this is what my car could look like!"

Most of you reading this will will reduce your decision largely based on a number: "How much is it going to cost?"

Let me be blunt: "If you are a price shopper and you reduce every buying decision in your life down to a simple comparison of numbers; I am not the detailer for you." I know the standard "We Deliver Value" statement has not only become cliche'd, but a principle that is rarely delivered past the simple use of the statement itself. But there are actually companies and people that truly work to develop this just like they do their chosen craft.

Most of you think that experience with products and technique is all that makes a good detailer.

Not only do I do professional detailing, but I also do mentoring, training, and consulting to many people and companies. This is one of the big lies within the detailing industry. Guys looking to get into the business are lured into expensive training courses that teach everything there is about products and technique, but nothing about the other highly essential sills needed to rise above the competition and deliver an exceptional service. The harsh reality is that the right products and right techniques are only about 60% of the equation. Discipline and patience is a huge part of the bigger picture. Most guys honestly have not developed both the discipline and patience to deliver a truly exceptional service or end result.

"Communication is KING"

Once again you may be asking yourself what this possibly has to do with getting your car detailed. I am glad you asked....EVERYTHING! Does a potential detailer have the communication skills to help you make an informed decision.  Are you asking the right questions yourself, and if not, is the detailer helping you ask the right questions? Does the detailer help you decide what is the most "appropriate" strategy for your car based on you and your world, or do they try and lead you down a path based on their agenda?

I will tell you candidly that I am not the mobile car detailing service for the masses. I am not the "cheap guy" or "discount" guy when it comes to auto detailing in Bergen County. I am the guy you go to when you want it done right the first time, every time! 

My customers tend to be people who place a high value on their time, want to maintain the value of their cars, and want their lives to be interrupted as little as possible. If you find these are the same things you value, then perhaps I am the car detailing service of Bergen County for you. When you are ready, call me directly as I promise to be both friendly and professional, and will communicate with you to assess the particular needs and expectations of your world; after all, your world is just that...your world.


Nikiel N. Hanna

Hundreds of cars done. Let your car be the hundred plus one.

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